High Impact Sliding Glass Doors

High Impact Sliding Glass Doors

High Impact Sliding Glass Doors - When it comes to keeping your house in tip-top condition, nothing can be more annoying than a sliding glass door that will not slide. I chose to compose this informative article to educate you of the number 1 reason why your sliding glass door will not slide - and what you can do about it!

The number 1 reason why your sliding glass door will not side is because too much soil and debris have clogged up the path of your door panel and the wheels. This is not a hard fix, but it's best if you have another person present to assist you because most sliding glass doors are rather heavy. Step one is to analyze your sliding glass door is fixed to the course.

You'll be able to carefully analyze the track and also the wheels after the door is on its side. Mostly, you will discover the wheels are full of debris and soot, and the track is, in addition, probably quite dirty. Needle tip and use compressed air pliers, to clean the wheels. Be careful to pull every last hair out of the wheel bearings.

While you're at it, clean up all the "mating-borders" of the doorway. This can be where the sliding door and every other surface of the door frame meet. A general rule of thumb would be to simply wipe down anything that looks dirty. Don't forget, even whenever soil is just not necessarily on the course itself, it can fall to the path causing your door to demand another wipe down.

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